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Is Free?

Every feature on is FREE. is supported solely by advertising. In the future, we may add paid Premium Services, but all the features and functions you have currently been enjoying on will always remain FREE!

Do I need to register to start using

Currently, we do not require registration to browse the bulletins or post listings on We want the website to be fast, friendly, and reliable.

How long will my listing appear on the website?

Listings are posted for 365 days unless they violate's terms of service.

Why has my posting been deleted?

We try to empower our users so that everyone can keep the online community flowing smoothly on its own. Users and administrators have the ability to report posts that are potentially miscategorized or that violate the terms of service. There will be circumstances where the deletion may not have been justified. If this has been your experience, please contact

Please make sure that your claim makes sense with our terms of service before contacting us to dispute a deletion.

Where is my posting?

Free postings don't post automatically. You must publish your posting first with the self-publishing email that you'll receive after going through the posting process.

How can I see my posting?

Please go to the category where you posted and look under the date it was submitted. Refresh your page and it should appear. If you have published a real estate listing, you can find it by using the search filters provided or check your self-publishing email that you received when you first posted.

What can I do if I didn't receive my self-publishing email or I have lost it?

Please click "resend" to have your most recent

How long does it take before I see my posting go live?

Please give the system time to publish your post. It can take up to 15 minutes to publish or more. If you've followed the posting process correctly, waited approximately 30 minutes, refreshed your browser on the correct category index page, and your posting still is not there - the post may have been flagged by the community.

What is the posting process?

  • Choose the category that you want to post
  • Once you have chosen a category, click on the post ad link that will bring your to the create post form.
  • Fill in the blank fields and click "continue" when completed.
  • Please review your post and edit if necessary, then select "continue"
  • Please also review the Terms on the following page. If agreed upon, please click "ACCEPT."
  • Review the information in the confirmation screen
  • A self-publishing email message will be sent to your email. Please utilize the link in that email message to access the actual form used to publish your post.
  • One last chance to make any last-minute changes. All set. Click on the Go live button to officially publish your post.
  • Give the posting at least 15-20 minutes to appear. 9 out of 10 times it will appear only a few minutes afterwards.
  • It's a good idea to keep your self-publishing email because you can always retro update, edit, or delete using it later.
  • You can have the edit/delete link resent if for some reason the link is lost.

Go ahead. Start posting! It's a lot easier than it sounds in writing.

What is the process to complete a real estate listing?

The Real Estate for sale section is a main category on Posting in the real estate section requires a few more steps than all the other categories. You must distinguish between a listing as "for sale by owner" or "broker/agent" and then use the pull down menus provided to fully detail your listing with the pertinent information about the property.

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