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Reading Specialist/Tutor

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Hello! I am a private reading specialist from my own program, Smart Owl's Literacy Tutoring Program. I am looking for students who need tutoring in reading, writing, and/or spelling. I can also help students get ahead. 

Introduction: Smart Owl's Literacy Tutoring helps young struggling students in reading from Kindergarten to 5th grade as well as enrichment for those who want to get ahead. The program will engage students in a hands- on experience and develop a love for reading. Emphasis will be placed on the four blocks of literacy: Guided Reading, Word Work, Writing, and Self-Selected Reading.

About the Program: "There are numerous barriers that prevent students from developing the literacy skills they need to thrive in many parts of the world. A lack of proper educational resources, minimal exposure to age-appropriate books, insufficiently trained teachers and overstretched infrastructure are some of the most-significant challenges. I evaluate gaps across these areas and provide schools with tailored assistance to ensure students have the instruction and resources they need to develop strong literacy skills and a habit of reading. I want to enable them to develop the skills and habit of reading throughout primary school and become life-long, independent readers. I adapt my literacy program to suit the individual needs of the population in question, ensuring that each dollar spent has the most possible impact on the children we serve. Smart Owl's Literacy Tutoring Program addresses three key areas that are essential to students' literacy development: reading, writing, and spelling.​"

Smart Owl's Literacy Tutoring is a semester enrollment (Fall, Spring, or Summer) based program. Students in the program will:

 Focus on the areas of reading, writing, and spelling

 Acquire and retain knowledge of a variety of reading strategies
 Become independent fluent readers with sharp decoding skills
 Use creativity and real life experiences to sharpen the minds
 Develop confidence in reading and writing

For more information about my tutoring sessions, please email me at: 

Once you email me, I will briefly give you an overview of my program, the location of the counties I tutor in, my tutoring fee, the requirements, assessments used to determine their level in reading, writing, and spelling, and my availability. I will also attach the following documents for your reference regarding my literacy tutoring program: Tutoring flyer, Brochure, Parent Questionnaire, Student Interview, Sample posters for both genders, and my resume. In addition, if you feel that I am the right fit for your child's needs, I hope to hear from you soon! I look forward working with your child to increase his/her interest in literacy!

Location: Secaucus, NJ

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